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WeatherBest premium decking offers the warm look of traditional wood. It handles like wood and installs with the same building tools. But unlike wood, WeatherBest premium decking comes with a 10-year limited transferable warranty. That means instead of constant maintenance, you'll have a lot of relaxing ahead of you.

Since WeatherBest products are a composite, they offer one more feature you won't find in any traditional wood product: Low maintenance. Any wood deck requires an ongoing investment, but with WeatherBest products, there's no staining, no sealing and no painting.

From extravagant to simple, WeatherBest premium decking is the right choice, no matter how you imagine your deck. WeatherBest decking is straight and true. It cuts, drills and installs like wood, can go around radius curves and is resistant to warping, splitting and splintering.

The initial cost of WeatherBest decking is a little more than traditional wood. But factor in the cost of maintenance and labor over time to keep a wood deck looking good, and that amount far surpasses the price of a WeatherBest deck.


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